UHD Broadcast Solution

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UHD broadcast solution
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UHD broadcast solution is a ATSC 3.0 based next-generation broadcast standard for domestic terrestrial UHD (Ultra High Definition) broadcast service. ATSC 3.0 standard can provide not only the standard TV service but various value added services such as service guide, HTML5 application service, VOD, mobile link service, and dynamic application through the IP (Internet Protocol) based broadcast/ TV hybrid network environment. DigiCAP is supplying ATSC 3.0 based broadcasting solutions through broadcast services and equipment experiences accumulated over the years.
Attended a number of standardization conference as a member of the North American ATSC and domestic TTA/ next-generation broadcast forum
Commercialized, meeting the next-generation hybrid broadcast service environment based on the latest standard information
Standardization conference, international exhibition demonstration through leading development and early commercialization
World's first successful ATSC 3.0 based UHD broadcast test in cooperation with Korean broadcasters and TV manufacturers
DigiCAP protects
digital rights and improves service operator's operational efficiency
Applicable fields
ATSC 3.0 based UHD broadcast service operator